SUV Car Covers

No count how hard a car appears, it too desires a cover to shield it. True, SUVs look virtually hard and robust, but to keep their seems, it needs an excellent car cowl that may shield it from climatic extremes and different dangerous affects. Different businesses provide car covers in numerous designs and materials in particular acceptable for SUVs.

SUV car covers, like some other car covers, may be either geared up-made or custom-made. Universal covers are available in shapes and designs made to healthy all automobiles. Custom-made SUV vehicle covers are tailor-made and designed in line with the measurements of a particular vehicle and are preferred over general ones.

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2018 – LEXUS LS 500

It is possible that no automobile in its introduction has raised a category deeply established as decisively as the first Lexus LS, 28 years ago. The model that elevated the significance of luxury to a new level has set standards for nearly three decades in terms of engine smoothness, onboard silence, impeccable finish, attention to detail, reliability and long-lasting quality. The Lexus brand has supported this innovative vehicle by setting and maintaining new standards of customer experience and satisfaction. Now, Lexus repeats the story with the introduction of the all-new fifth-generation sedan. Inside and out, the new LS reflects a strong identity and luxury exclusively Japanese. Still, the LS 2018 is designed to be the brand’s newest global representative, available in more than 90 countries. “Not only will the LS symbolize the Lexus brand, but it will also become the definitive car of the new generation, embodying Japanese tradition and culture,” said Toshio Asahi, chief engineer of the new LS. “As such, this global pinnacle must go far beyond what the world expects of a luxury car.”

Longer, shorter, wider and more exciting

One of the big news is the new global platform for luxury vehicles, called GA-L. This premium platform offers a more dynamic driving experience while at the same time elevating Lexus’ renowned comfort. The original Lexus LS was acclaimed for predicting what luxury customers could want rather than simply amplifying what luxury car brands had offered at the time. In that spirit, the spacious cabin, exclusive details and visionary technology of the LS 2018 will once again surprise customers, redefining expectations for a global sedan symbol about honda cr-v car covers.

A symbol reborn

The original LS launched the Lexus brand; the all-new LS 2018 is the cornerstone to take the brand in a more dynamic direction. To create it, Lexus took the approach from the beginning, re-imagining what a sedan like this should be, as if the brand was being launched again. The goal was not to improve what Lexus had already done, but to exceed customer expectations. A guiding thread among all LS models remains: Omotenashi, the concept of Japanese hospitality. Applied to a luxury car, this means taking care of the driver and passengers, anticipating their needs, taking care of their comfort and helping to protect them against danger.

Shaping a unique identity

More than any other model, it embodies the Lexus history and image and serves as a symbol of everything the brand means.” Lexus designers took full advantage of the new platform, with its lower profile and length comparable to that of a prestigious sedan with large wheelbase, to give the new LS an elongated appearance and close to the ground. Compared to the out-of-line LS, the new model is about 1.5 cm lower, with hood and trunk approximately 3.0 and 4.0 cm lower, respectively. The unique design of the ‘Spindle Grill’ front grille, with texture that seems to change depending on the light, is the result of intense development and manual adjustment of thousands of individual surfaces. The headlamp with three narrow projectors blends into an L-shaped LED headlamp that wraps around the side to give a striking appearance to the front of the LS. The LS 2018 features 20-inch wheels, which employ a glossy appearance created with the use of a electroplating technique known as crackling.

Vehicle Dynamics

More than ever, luxury sedan drivers want more performance without giving up comfort. This is one of the most difficult balances to achieve in a vehicle, yet the new Lexus GA-L platform meets the challenge. The platform is the toughest in Lexus history, offering enhanced ride smoothness and quiet in the cab. The distance of 3.12 meters between the axles is 3.3 cm longer than the previous model. The new LS design optimizes center of gravity and weight distribution. Helping to provide an unmatched balance between comfort and driveability, Lexus has enhanced its Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Management (VDIM), introduced by the first in 2005, and controls all available subsystems in the car such as ABS, Traction Control (TRAC / TRC), Stability Control (VSC), Electric Direction (EPS), Direction with Variable Exchange Rate (VGRS) and Dynamic Rear Direction (DRS).

In creating the new LS, engineers have used lightweight materials, including high-pressure hot-rolled steel and other steel alloys in critical areas. In fact, the LS 2018 has a high strength steel mass composition of almost 30%, which is more than double that of the previous LS (14.1%). Contributing to driving performance, the new platform reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle by placing most of its mass, including the engine and occupants, in more centralized and lower positions. As in the previous LS, the new model offers an air suspension system that further enhances the already sublime driving quality. A new, more advanced version of the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) continuously adjusts damping control in response to driving operations and road surface conditions. ‘Continuously’ is the keyword since Lexus has increased the damping force switching levels from nine in the previous model to 650 in the LS 2018. The result is faster, uninterrupted and refined operation.

New LS Hybrid

The hybrid version of the LS 2018 takes a completely different approach from the previous model. The new Multi Stage Hybrid system, which debuted on the LC 500h, combines a naturally aspirated 3.5-liter Atkinson V6 gasoline engine with two electric motors and uses a lightweight, lightweight lithium-ion battery. The system guarantees ample torque throughout the engine speed range, capable of generating 359 horsepower and allows the LS 500h to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds. The new system is based on the electronically controlled continuous planetary transmission of the Lexus Hybrid Synergy Drive coupled with a brand new set of four-speed automatic gears. The two systems work together to expand the overall range of gears and increase the operation of the V6 engine in a wider speed range than the previous hybrids. The proportions with the shift knobs. The Multi Stage Hybrid system allows more power assistance at lower vehicle speeds and allows the LS 500h to run with the gasoline engine switched off for short distances at speeds up to 140 km / h.

Progressive comfort with traditional inspiration

Creating a new luxury car standard is simply not a matter of adding more features and technology. Inspired by the omotenashi principle, Lexus has sought to include in the new LS cockpit the luxury that welcomes and engages passengers while treating the driver as a partner. “I hope when you open the door, you will experience an immediate and intuitive sense of being looking at an interior that is unlike any luxury car,” said chief designer Suga. The new front seats have 28 different adjustment modes; heating and massage are included. In addition, the heating function in the rear seat is also unprecedented in the world. Two dedicated heaters, located on the shoulder and lower back areas, heat these specific areas without heating a person’s entire body.

Luxury and comfort for all occupants

In refining all aspects of the LS, Lexus paid special attention to the sedan’s rear seats. The heating and massage options make the backseat a cozy environment. The front and rear electric seats available with Shiatsu massage, part of the Executive Package, offer more legroom than any previous LS (8.6 cm more than the last generation). In addition, the seat behind the front passenger seat can be reclined up to 48 degrees (wider angle in the segment) and can be raised up to 24 degrees to help the rear seat passenger get out of the vehicle. The rear seats have ‘Relaxation’ function and use airbags integrated in the backrest and the seat cushion. They are inflated to apply pressure strategically to the occupant’s body, while applying heat to the shoulder and lower back areas. The occupant can select from three programs (‘Relax’, ‘Stretch’ and ‘Simple’) and four for specific areas (‘Upper Trunk’, ‘Lower Trunk’, ‘Shoulders’ and ‘Lumbar’). Another novelty of this new generation of LS is the pneumatic suspension available with an access function. Activated when the car is unlocked with the smart key, the access mode automatically raises the vehicle by up to 30 mm and widens the seat of the seat to accommodate drivers at the wheel. The Lexus LS 2018 will be on sale in Brazil from the second quarter of next year.

2018 – LEXUS LS 500h

The Toyota Premium division presented at the Geneva Motor Show the hybrid version of the new LS sedan, the Lexus LS 500h, which becomes the highest version of the revamped LS line. Thanks to the details revealed by the brand, it confirms the previous rumors and the new LS 500h will have the same engine used by the sporting LC 500h, a V6 gasoline engine of 3.5 liters and double turbo, that produces 299 hp and arises combined with a small electric motor of 60 hp, generating a total power of 359 hp.

The LS 500h is built on the new global Lexus architecture, which it shares with the new LC. This guarantees a low center of gravity and the perfect distribution of the weight, which contributes to a greater agility in the driving. It is the most powerful Lexus LS of all, as well as economical, offers a great experience behind your steering wheel, and therefore also the steering, suspension and brake set have been adjusted. The new Lexus LS was introduced at the last Detroit Motor Show, which was celebrated last January. This new generation has a much more dynamic, unusual image in a sedan with these characteristics, and the whim placed by its creators in the design of its lines is palpable. Based on the brand’s design language, the fifth-generation LS features a body that sketches its profile based on carved, unmarked folds. The rear and jagged and C-pillar extends far behind to boost the dynamic image of the sedan, which appears very sharp in all its perspectives. Regarding its interior, the LS delivers the expected luxury on a Lexus, and really impresses the excellent work done by Japanese craftsmen. A combination of classic style and technology. Regarding this point, the LS 500h, is the same as the rest of the line, offers the latest advancements of brand systems, although in this case as part of the standard equipment.

2018 – LEXUS LX

While it is undeniable that the great star of the Lexus booth at the Los Angeles Show 2017 is the new  Lexus RX L 2018 , there are also other exciting news that Toyota’s premium brand is presenting. One is the new 5-seat version of the Lexus LX 2018. The huge eight-passenger SUV incorporates into its line a new version equipped with only two rows of seats. Focused on a niche market where no large number of seats are required, this new version presents itself to the public with its huge trunk as the main quality. The new Lexus LX 570 2018 has an impressive load volume, even though it has all the seats occupied. The Lexus Premium SUV now seats 1,430 liters, while in the eight-seat version that number drops to 1,265 liters. The increase is considerable and the price difference is also relevant, since the five-seat model will start at $ 84,980, or $ 5,000 less than the higher-rated version with the most seats.

Although it is cheaper, the standard equipment of the new Lexus LX 2018 five-seater will still be quite complete. Other features include leather upholstered seats, four-zone automatic climate control, 20-inch alloy wheels, electric rear cover, 360 ° viewing camera, as well as the Lexus Safety System + safety package. Lexus ensures that the reason that led the company to introduce this new version of LX comes directly from its customers. The brand noted that most of its buyers did not use the third row of seats and instead had preferred not to equip it to make the vehicle a little cheaper and gain cargo space. Mechanically, underneath the hood hides a 5.7-liter V8 engine with 387 hp and 545 Nm of maximum torque, which comes coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a full-traction system. Although weighing more than two and a half tonnes (2,630 kg), the five-seat Lexus LX will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 220 km / h.